Specializing In Quality Antique, Sporting and Collectible Firearms

The long and short of the matter is:   WE BUY IT ALL! 

  • Pre-owned Hunting Rifles
  • Revolvers and Pistols
  • Vintage Sporting Shotguns and Rifles
  • Antique Firearms of all types and condition
  • Collectible Colts, Winchesters and Others
  • Parts Guns and Parts Accumulations

Why go through the effort of bringing your collection

to someone who only buys Shotguns, or doesn't buy Handguns,

or only wants to buy the best Guns and leave you with the rest?  

Whether it's a $100 Gun or a $10,000 Gun.... We will sit down

with you, and give a fair and honest evaluation of each Gun;

followed by a very competitive cash offer.

If you're ready to sell, we want to hear from you!

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